Beware of disrepair ‘claim farmers’ knocking on doors

Beware of disrepair ‘claim farmers’ knocking on doors

We are aware of a number of ‘claims-farmers’ currently operating across our neighbourhoods and knocking on doors. A ‘claims-farmer’ is a middleman who encourages tenants to pursue a claim against their landlord in court for potential damages in respect of disrepair.  The ‘claims-farmer’ then sells these claims along with the tenant’s details on to a lawyer to make them money. In a very small number of cases, damages are paid to the tenant, but after sizeable fees are taken by the law firms.

We are committed to providing a good quality repairs service to our tenants and residents. If you are one of our tenants and have any concerns about your property, or any unresolved repair issues, please get in touch so we can look to put things right for you.

All our employees wear identification and will be happy for you to call us to check their identification.  Please do not let anyone into your home who cannot produce identification when asked.

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