Ashton residents get creative at hanging basket workshop

Ashton residents get creative at hanging basket workshop

Our Neighbourhood Engagement Team organised a socially distanced intergenerational community workshop to create hanging baskets and floor pots to promote a sense of pride in the community and enhance the appearance of homes of New Charter Homes residents in Ashton Central.

The aim was to provide an eco therapy workshop for people living with poor mental health during this pandemic and help to increase self confidence, reduce social isolation and increase beneficiaries overall well being. It was also an opportunity to speak to the local residents and gain an insight into what the current issues were and what projects would be welcomed in the community.

The event proved popular as over 30 households took part and it encouraged both children and adults to get engrossed in planting while remaining within their family bubbles. It was a great way of bringing the community together and re-building on community spirit.

This project was valued by local residents in these uncertain times and the vast majority of them requested to be kept informed of any future engagement projects and events within the area.

If you would like to know more about activities in your area, keep an eye on the New Charter Facebook page. Contact if you would like to speak to someone about organising an event.

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