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Types of garages we manage

There are two different types of sites we manage a garage plot and a garage. A garage plot is a piece of land rented from New Charter where the tenant supplies and erects their own garage structure. A garage is an existing structure owned and repaired by New Charter Homes.

Locations & cost

We currently have around 70 sites across Tameside with over 600 plots.

The cost of garages varies between £10 – £15 per week and non-tenants or other people with more than one garage will be liable to a 20% VAT charge.

Applying for a garage plot

Applications for garages are currently on hold while we carry out an audit of all our garage sites.

If you are interested in one of our garage plots, please use the links below to register your interest or call us on 0161 331 2000 / 0300 011 1144 and a member of our team will be able to help.

Click here to enquire about our garage plots>>

Any applicant who has rent arrears, rechargeable repairs or court costs owed to New Charter will not be considered for a garage or a garage plot unless they have an agreement to pay and are paying off the monies owed. Proof of residency will be required when an offer of garage or a garage plot accommodation is made.

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