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Property clearances

We offer a number of different options for clearing and cleaning properties.

Category A (large) - £449.76 + VAT

A full internal and external clear out. This applies to accommodation where large quantities of belongings have been left internally and externally, including in outbuildings and gardens. 

For example:

  • Cupboards and draws left full of items, food or cooking utensils.
  • White goods left including washing machine, fridge, freezer, cooker or microwave.
  • Chairs, settees, carpets that are not suitable for reuse, including gripper rods and all other furniture of all descriptions.
  • Items of furniture, rubbish, fly tipping, or litter left in garden, sheds or outbuildings.

Category B (medium) - £229.40 + VAT

This applies to accommodation where some items have been left in all rooms but a full clearance is not required.

Category C (small) - £158.21 + VAT

This applies to accommodation where floor coverings need to be removed due to poor condition or items need to be removed from external areas such as the garden, shed or outbuildings.

Lofts - £139.49 + VAT

This applies to accommodation where items need clearing from the loft.

Valets - £105.09 + VAT

This applies where a property requires a clean internally to all rooms and externally to windows and doors.