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Changes to welfare benefits

Over the next few years, the government is planning to introduce a number of changes to the way welfare benefits are worked out.

The changes mean that some people will get less housing benefit than they did before. If you claim housing benefit to help pay your rent you may be affected by these changes from April 2013.

We know that many of you will be worried about what this could mean for you and your family. 

The leaflets below have information to help you find out what’s happening and what you can do to prepare.

Download our 'Changes to your benefits' leaflet

View leaflet online

 Download our 'Housing benefit' leaflet

 Download our 'Welfare reform' leaflet

You can also use our calculators below to see if the changes are likely to affect you:

  Welfare benefit calculator

  Bedroom calculator

  Benefit cap calculator

If you are concerned about how benefit changes may affect you, you can contact us for help. 

If you would like more information on any changes to your benefits, please contact our Welfare Benefits team on 0161 331 2000 or email 

You can also find out more at

We have two short films about Welfare Reform which you can view below:



Find out more - take a look at our Welfare Reform FAQs.