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Re-chargeable repairs arrears

If we carry out a repair at your home and you are considered to have contributed towards the need for the repair, then it is likely you will be charged.

Repairs you will be charged for include:

·         The cost of gaining access to your property because you have lost or forgotten your keys

·         Replacement or repair to any windows, doors or fixtures (not due to wear and tear)

·         Not being able to access your property when called out on an emergency repair

·         Repairs which are linked to the lawful execution of a warrant by the police and/or other authorised body

·         Any repairs due to electrical faults which have been caused by you or your own appliances

·         Re-setting the boiler if you have allowed the credit to run out on your meter

·         Unblocking of a sink or toilet within your home if it is established that you have caused the blockage

·         Accidental damage to any fixtures we have provided such as kitchen units, and bathroom suites

You can find out more about rechargeable repairs and view our policy on our 'Re-chargeable repairs' page.

What happens if I’m charged for a repair?

·         An invoice will be sent to you once the repair is complete

·         You have seven days to respond and either pay the amount or agree to pay in instalments

·         If you respond in time and keep up your payments as agreed, then you will benefit from a 20% discount on the total cost

·         Housing Benefit does not cover any rechargeable repairs costs

·         If you already have Home Contents Insurance this might help you cover the cost. (see our 'Home contents insurance' page for more details)

What if the repair is needed because of a crime?

Any criminal damages to your property must be reported to the police immediately by calling 101 (or 999 in an emergency). The police will give you a crime reference number relating to the incident; please provide us with this number when you report the repair.

Contact us

If you have any other queries regarding FORMER TENANT ARREARS OR RECHARGEABLE REPAIRS or if you think you have been unfairly charged for a repair, please contact us. You can call us on 0161 331 2051 or email income.recovery@newcharter.co.uk