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Former tenant arrears

If you still owe money for any reason on your property after you move out (for example if you were not up to date with your rent when you left), you will be expected to continue to make payments until all the money you owe is paid off.

If you owe money from a previous tenancy, you will not allowed to bid on any New Charter properties until the money you owe has been reduced or paid off.

If you are trying to apply for rehousing with other landlords, you are likely to be asked for a reference from a previous landlord. Any money you still owe on the tenancy will be taken into account and may affect your chances when another landlord is considering offering you a property. 

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If you have any queries or want more information please get in touch. You can call us on 0161 331 2051 or email income.recovery@newcharter.co.uk