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About our Independent Living schemes

At New Charter, we’ll help you find the right home for when you get older.  Our properties include affordable rented flats, bedsits and bungalows across Tameside.

If you’re looking for an independent lifestyle, but still want to have the security and comfort of being with others, we can offer you advice on the best place to live to suit your needs.

We have a number of excellent sheltered schemes – which benefit from:

  • A complex of private dwellings set in their own grounds
  • Scheme Manager
  • 24 hour emergency alarm system
  • Electronic door entry security (both day and night)*
  • Full central heating*
  • Window cleaning service (communal areas only)*
  • Grounds maintenance service
  • Lifts to all floors (does not apply to all schemes)*
  • Subsidised laundry facilities (please enquire as not applicable to all schemes)*
  • Social activities arranged
  • Entertainment/trips out organised
  • Meet all standard regulations for Health & Safety
  • Meet all standard regulations for Fire Safety