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The Government’s bedroom tax is nearly here

05 March 2013

From April, the Government’s new ‘bedroom tax’ will come into effect which means many of our tenants living with a ‘spare’ bedroom in their home will start to see cuts to their Housing Benefit.

As a social landlord, we understand these Government cuts are going to be very difficult for everyone affected and we want you to know that we’ve been against the changes from the very beginning.

We have worked incredibly hard to help change the Government’s mind on the new ‘bedroom tax’ rules by encouraging tenants to contact their MPs and joining forces with other landlords and organisations across the country to fight the cuts.

We are however, at a stage where the ‘bedroom tax’ will begin in April and unfortunately there’s no information from the Government to say that this decision is going to be reversed.

We are concerned about the impact the changes will have on tenants and will continue the work we have been doing to inform, advise and support them through the cuts as much as we can.

We will also carry on working with partners like the National Housing Federation to raise awareness of the affects the cuts are having on tenants and we would like to thank everyone who has already come forward to share their stories.

The support we can offer around options available to tenants will continue for as long as appropriate and if you are a tenant who is going to be affected by the Government’s changes you can talk to us and get advice by calling our SWAT Team on 0161 331 2000 or emailing SWAT@newcharter.co.uk