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Green Charter

Our in-house grounds maintenance team, Green Charter works to keep public open spaces and communal areas on your estates clean and tidy.

Green Charter is responsible for looking after grass cutting and weeding as well as hedge and shrub trimming across all of our estates. 

Green Charter staff are employed on a seasonal basis with a team of 19 working during the winter and 29 in the summer. Residents will continue to look after their own individual gardens and hedges as part of their tenancy agreement and the council will remain responsible for parks across Tameside.

You can view the grass cut and collect cycle for 2018 below. 

 Green Charter Cut and Collect Cycle


Green Charter cut cycle (no collection)

Please note All New Charter properties will be cut on an 8-day working cycle after our first cut and collect cycle, all areas will receive a minimum of 18 cuts and no more than 21 cuts. Where the 8th day is a Friday we will carry over works to the following Monday as we work until 3pm every Friday during cutting season. 
AKSA properties are cut and collected on a fortnightly cycle from 27th March and will receive a minimum of 18 cuts subject to weather and ground conditions.
For any further queries ring 0161 331 2776 or email green.charter@jigsawhomes.org.uk

You can also find out more at our 'Your garden' page.

Green Charter Tree Survey 2018

Our policy at Jigsaw Group is not to undertake any works to trees unless they are dead, diseased or causing structural damage to yours or our property.

During the period between April to November 2018 all of our trees are to be surveyed by an organisation called Urban Green. This will allow us to then prioritise any essential works for immediate attention to be completed by March 2019.

Every tree in those areas belonging to New Charter Homes will be surveyed and you may receive a card requesting access if surveyors cannot gain access to your gardens.

All surveyors will carry official identification featuring their Urban ID credentials and the Jigsaw Group logo. Do not let anyone into your property unless they are able to show ID. 

After the surveys have been completed, works will be placed into a programme and completed over the following four years dependant on the priority.

As this survey is now being undertaken we will not be carrying out any works to any trees unless it falls under emergency works.

Please contact us again after December 2018 when we will be able to advise accordingly if works are to be undertaken to any trees in your garden or locality.


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