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Work Clubs

New Charter’s work clubs are based at the heart of our neighbourhoods. They provide people with places to meet, to exchange skills, to share experiences, to find opportunities, to make contacts and to get support to help them in their return to work or with a change in their careers.

At each of the work clubs, local people can access the following help and assistance:

  • Creating a CV
  • Using the internet to search for jobs
  • Access to information
  • Preparing and practicing for interviews
  • Online training to support their personal development
  • Group support
  • One-to-one sessions where appropriate
  • Sign-posting to external organisations
  • Information about the latest developments with New Charter’s work placement programmes

At the New Charter work clubs we use a software package called 'My Work Search' to support people in their job-seeking activities. Work Club clients can register for this service by contacting the officers at their nearest New Charter work club. To find out where the closest New Charter work club is to your home, see our work club locations page or view online with Google Maps