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MyWorkSearch benefits

Find out more about some of the key benefits of MyWorkSearch:

MyWorkSearch automated job finder

Universal Jobmatch only has a small percentage of all the jobs available. In the main these jobs are only from the government job board, Monster and the national careers service, whereas MWS searches thousands of job boards (including Universal Jobmatch and many others) to find all he jobs available. This makes it easier to find vacancies you are interested in and means you won't miss out on opportunities.

  • MWS helps you search for roles that you can do, and brings back a range of jobs to match your current skills and capabilities.
  • MWS also enables you to search for jobs by “category of role” rather than just job title, so  for example you could search for 'manual jobs' or 'office jobs'.

Site monitor

Over two thirds of vacancies available in the UK today are from small or medium businesses and many only advertise their vacancies on their own website. MWS lets you track local employers you'd like to work for and will alert you to any new vacancies added to the employers’ site – this saves you from missing an opportunity and means you don't have to keep checking lots of different websites each day.

Advice centre

The online training from MWS is award-winning, and offers a full range of information, e-learning, training and advice about how to find a job.  There are around 180 different modules offering a range of resources from videos/interactive slides and PDF material to help people stay engaged whilst learning.  All this activity is tracked and can be copied over to the Universal Jobmatch site.

Transferable skills and career mapper

MWS helps you to identify your skills and career interests. Once you have done this, your skills are automatically copied over to your CV and the roles you are most interested in and suited to can be automatically included in your job search.

CV builder

The MWS CV builder takes you step by step through the process needed to perfect your CV, and lets you easily create multiple CVs.

MyWorkSearch Nudge Engine®

MWS's unique technology helps you find a job faster by sending you reminders. It can also suggest training and support tailored to your needs, for example if you have only part created a CV the system may suggest one of the training sessions on how to write a CV.

Live Webinars

Online, live, twice weekly interactive webinars are hosted by an experienced career expert. Topics include interview preparation, CV writing, presentations and handling difficult interview questions.

Professional research tools

Integrated market leading research tools including Alert Data and Key Note Data. These help you find out lots of information about an organisation before you go for an interview, so you can hopefully impress the interviewer and ensure your success!

Full integration with Universal Jobmatch

All activity in MWS is tracked and can automatically be copied over to your Universal Jobmatch account. Alternatively, if preferred, you can print off your activity and show this as evidence of job search to your Job Centre Plus advisor.

For more information about MyWorkSearch:

Please contact John McGlynn or Asmina Choudhury on 0161 331 2000

You can also contact the team by email.