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New applicants

If you are new to New Charter, there are three simple steps you will need to follow to apply for a New Charter home. Find out more at the link below.

How to apply

We are able to offer a range of different tenancy types, use the link below to find out more.

Find out about different types of tenancy

Find out more about 'Community Contribution'

Rent in advance

When you are offered a New Charter home, you will be required to pay two week’s ‘rent in advance’ before you sign for the tenancy. This will apply even if you are entitled to Housing Benefit.  

The actual amount you need to pay will depend on the property you are offered. You will get an idea of what the rent will be when you make a bid on a property.

You need to be ready to make this payment when you are offered a property, so you might want to begin to save up now to make sure you will have the money available. If you don’t already have a bank account, you could contact Cash Box Credit Union to open a savings account. You can contact Cash Box on 0161 342 3266 or through their website www.cashbox.org.uk

When we write to you to confirm that we are offering you a tenancy you must make this payment and you must bring your receipt to your sign up appointment with us. 

If you would like some further advice about renting a home with us and the likely cost, please contact our Pre-Tenancy Support Team on 0161 331 2000

Can you afford a tenancy?

Use our 'Budget Planner' to help get an estimate of the costs