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How to apply


If you are not already a New Charter customer, there are three simple steps you will need to follow to apply for a home with us.

Step 1 - Checking if you can apply for a New Charter home

Our simple eligibility form will help you check whether you can apply for a New Charter home.  

Click here to complete our eligibility form

Step 2 - Applying and 'bands'

If you are eligible to apply for a home with us, you will then be able to complete our online application form. We will use the information on this form to place your application in a “band” depending on your housing needs.


  Housing need


  • Overcrowded by two or more bedrooms
  • Former armed services personnel


  • Fitness and mental health need
  • Overcrowded by one bedroom
  • Private tenants or residents in unsuitable or insecure accommodation (includes residents in temporary/supported housing)
  • Lodging with family, friends or private arrangements


  • Tenants of another Registered Provider (RP) needing to move for caring arrangements (in receipt of carers allowance)
  • People in tied accommodation
  • Under-occupying tenant of social housing belonging to another Registered Provider


Step 3 - Bidding

You will be able to bid on available properties on our website, in our Hubs or by phone (by calling 0161 331 2000). Applications will be prioritised by the band they are in and by the date they were registered in that band.

If you are registered with us but haven’t bid on a property in the last 12 months, we will assume you don’t currently need to move and will take you off our list. However, when you do need to move you will be welcome to re-apply.

Find out more

You can find out more about the process for existing customers by downloading or viewing our 'Allocations Scheme Summary for New Charter General Applicants' which is available below.

View our 'Allocations Scheme Summary for New Charter General Applicants' online

Download our 'Allocations Scheme Summary for New Charter General Applicants'

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