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Most of our homes are let through our Choice Based Lettings Scheme (CBL).  This means we advertise all our available properties each week.  The weekly advert begins on Wednesday and runs until the following Tuesday afternoon.  Properties are advertised on this website, on our Looking Local TV service (you can find out more about Looking Local in our leaflet below) and in our Home and Community Hubs. You then have the opportunity to express an interest (called bidding) for up to three homes each week.

  Download our 'Looking Local' leaflet

Following this, we look at all of the bids which we have on properties from people who meet the property requirements.

Please be aware that should you unreasonably refuse an offer of suitable accommodation you will be suspended from our waiting list as follows:

  • 1st refusal 3 months deferred
  • 2nd refusal 6 months deferred
  • 3rd refusal application cancelled.  You will then not be allowed to reapply for a minimum of 12 months.

It is very important that you know where the property is before placing your bid. If you refuse a property you are offered because of the area this will be classed as being unreasonable so please make sure you take the time to go and look before you bid.

For more information on applying for a property, please see our 'Scheme Summary' leaflets below:

For Existing Tenants

  Download our 'Allocations Scheme Summary for New Charter Transfer Applicants'

View our 'Allocations Scheme Summary for New Charter Transfer Applicants' online

For New Applicants

  Download our 'Allocations Scheme Summary for New Charter General Applicants'

View our 'Allocations Scheme Summary for New Charter General Applicants' online

You can also view our Frequently Asked Questions booklet, which is available below:

  Download our Frequently Asked Questions booklet

View our Frequently Asked Questions Booklet online

Register with New Charter

If you are not already registered, you will need to complete our eligibility form below. For further information telephone 0161 331 2000 or email

Click here to complete our eligibility form

In line with our commitment to customer involvement in developing and improving services, we would appreciate any suggestions you may have. You can contact us using the phone number and email address above.

Available Properties

Follow the link below to take a look at our available properties.


Click here to view available properties


Two's Company

If you are affected by the Government's new 'bedroom tax', you may be thinking about sharing a property with a friend or taking in a lodger to help with the rent. If so, our 'Two's Company' Scheme could help.

Take a look at our poster opposite or download the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below to find out more.

 Download our 'Two's Company' FAQs

You can also view our FAQs online here

You can find out more about the upcoming changes to benefits in our 'Welfare Reform' section of the website.