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Community Contribution

When looking through our available homes, you will notice that some of them say that 'Preference will be given to people who can demonstrate a “Community Contribution”'. For these homes, we will look at bids from people who can show "Community Contribution" first, and these people will be given priority when we decide who will get the property.

What is “Community Contribution”?

We have listened to our customers, who told us that people who contribute to the community in some way should have this recognised when applying for a New Charter home.

If you, or someone who will live with you when you move, qualify under any of the categories below, please tell us. You may qualify for Community Contribution.

Customers who demonstrate Community Contribution could be considered for a home with an extra room if they wish (after a quick affordability check). However we do keep our available houses for families with children, so a single person or couple without children unforuntuately wouldn’t be offered a house with us.


This means….


  • Permanent full time employment
  • Self employed
  • Employed on a temporary contract
  • Part time employment

At least one member of the household must have been employed for 16 hours a week or more for at least six of the last nine months


  • Registered tenants groups
  • Registered charities
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Recognised community groups

At least one member of the household will have been volunteering for a minimum of 25 hours per month. They will have been doing this for at least six out of the last nine months


  • Approved job related training


People in receipt of Carers Allowance

Foster Carers

Registered foster carers

Armed forces personnel

Serving or former members of the armed forces or reserves will be awarded Community Contribution. This award will continue for up to 12 months from the date of any honourable discharge. It will also apply to a spouse or civil partner of service personnel who is required to leave Ministry of Defence accommodation following the death of their partner