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Our Mission

At New Charter our mission is GREAT Homes, GREAT Neighbourhoods and GREAT People.  These three areas are very important to our business and the people who work for us.


We don’t just help put a roof over people’s heads. We don’t just want to help them find a house, a flat, or a bungalow – we want to find them a home. In fact we want to find them a home they will be proud of. A home where they will be considerate and valued members of a community. Most importantly - a home where they will be happy.

GREAT Neighbourhoods

We think you’ll love working here. And there are lots of reasons why: the teamwork, the rewarding nature of what we do, and the opportunity to build and make a difference to neighbourhoods on a daily basis. A GREAT part of our business is to give something back to the community. We work regularly with young people, neighbourhoods and other partners to improve the lives of others.

GREAT People

When asked, 85% of people working in housing agreed they were doing a job vital to society. And this shared sense of purpose is why there's such an overwhelming sense of togetherness here at New Charter; the services, the working culture, the people - everything we do is geared towards making people’s lives better. And whether you do that on your own, together in a team, or as part of a community, it feels GREAT.